Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Dog Day at The Resort

It's always a good day when Ginger comes to work at the Skilled Nursing Home with her Dad. Up and down the hall you can hear calls of "Ginger...Come here, Ginger".

The residents enjoy kind kisses and a gentle sniffing before Ginger strides on past. She seems, like her Dad who's the Administrator, to have a purpose and destination to her step.

Eleven year old Ginger is a regular at the facility, showing up nearly every Monday through Friday.

"It sounds like home when she barks," one resident says.
The usual place where she can be found is in the doorway of Pop's office. There she naps and takes crackers and scraps from the residents who love seeing her and petting her.

Today was a bonus dog day with at least three other canine visitors.
This is little Cocoa who's another regular who comes to work with an employee at the home. She can be seen running quickly behind her master down the halls.

This is little Roxie who has a Mickey Mouse shaped emblem on her hind quarters.

A good time was had by all.


  1. Sounds like a great diversion for all. Happy Saturday.

    1. They really enjoy seeing the dogs that come to visit, Mike. We take so much for granted in our everyday lives including the company of our pets. When living in a place like this, diversion is a good thing.

  2. Oh Peg, I am so happy your Momma and Aunt are able to have such regular contact with these beautiful and gentle fur babies. I know how lonely it is when they are absent in your life and we are in the early adoption process right now. Thinking of you all with love and sending bunches of hugs to all, Maria

    1. Hi Maria, I'm delighted to hear that you're in the early adoption process. That was the biggest source of comfort after Dolly and Buddy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Little Cookie was completely devastated to lose her best friends - both within 6 months - and was becoming neurotic right along with us. Our little baby Tony was such a wonderful friend to her and learned everything he needed to know from watching her. She even taught him how to go down the stairs. It was amazing.
      So glad you stopped in the morning to read this update on Mom and Lou.
      Hoping for you to find just the right companion for your newest family member.
      Lots of hugs and love from Texas,