Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas in Texas 2012

Christmas day started off chilly and gray with temperatures of 39 deg. (F) with rain out here in the rural area north east of Dallas.

The weatherman, a new guy who holds a slight resemblance to Chevy Chase, said we might get "a light dusting" on Christmas, but likely it would be north east of us. I was thinking, Wichita Falls area, but he meant us. 

A light dusting started early in the morning with some square, hail-like chips of frozen rain tinkling against the window glass, like reindeer feet lightly touching down. To heighten the mood, rain was dropping from the eaves, tapping out a familiar Christmas tune on the dog's steel water dish lying upside down on the porch.

Soon the snow began to fall in earnest, with the frozen rain starting to float sideways and come from all directions as the wind rose and temperatures dropped. We made a silly video to go with the festivities of the day.

A few minutes later it was 36 degrees; the mercury was falling fast.
As my Christmas ham baked quietly, nestled in its hot roasting pan, we watched Doctor Who episodes, their Christmas ones, back-to-back in a marathon, while snow continued to drop obscuring the fall leaves that remain in the yard.

When it reached 29 degrees, I put together an emergency hutch for the cat we've named Hungry Jack who insisted on sitting stubbornly under the table beside the front door waiting for his dinner. As I brought out the towel wrapped trash bag covered storage crate, he crawled inside even as I carried it to a spot behind the lawn chair from where he could still see the door. The Temptations cat treats I'd scattered in it were a big hit. And he stayed there for quite a while getting warm and polishing off the small bowl of Meow Mix inside. Tony made sure he welcomed his guest with a vigilant watch from the dining room window.



The Walkway
While we haven't seen any rain for months, it was a pleasant surprise to get an hour of rain before it turned into a white coating of powdery fluff that begs to be transformed into snowmen.
The Driveway

Back Yard Popcorn Tree

Back porch

Tony waits for his elusive sister