Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kyphoplasty on the Horizon

Today has been packed full of activity. You know how some days are bland and vanilla, while others have more energy stuffed into 24 hours than most people can handle? This was one of those days.

We've hit another milestone in Mom's health. She's been suffering since early April after lifting a potted plant and injuring her spine, again. No surprise. The last visit to the hospital, Dr. Neece took me aside after her Kyphoplasty procedure was over and said her bones are "like oatmeal". Now, I said, what does that mean? Well, the Kyphoplasty involves inserting a hollow needle into a collapsed vertebra and inflating a balloon to lift the bone to where it should be, then sending cement in the needle to fill the space. So when he did the last surgery in March 2009, he said he could push the needle into her bone with his fingers. That's what he meant by oatmeal. He let me know he thought she "should be in an assisted facility". He wasn't being unkind. In fact, he said his own mother was in one herself and it was very nice with progressive levels of care, etc..

Mom at Dr. Neece's Office in Frisco
 This time, Mom injured T-10 on her back. The next step is scheduling the "procedure". Since when do they call an operation a procedure? Long time now. But anyway. Possibility that it could happen on Thursday, but with her insurance having to approve things, could be next week.

And that's what's ahead on our agenda. The issue of getting someone to stay with Louise while Mom is out of commission is next. It's just not safe for her to be alone at this point. Her birthday last month, when she turned 91, reminded me of how great she is doing: taking care of Sugar, her cat and Fritz, her little dachscund-basset hound mix. He's finally passed her in years and is no spring chicken. But Louise continues to amaze me and inspire me. She still dressed in a matching outfit everyday, makes her bed, washes the dishes, makes lunch for both of them, takes showers on her own and washes her hair. All, things we take for granted, but how will we handle these tasks when we're in our 90s? Let's see.

For now, I'm off to fix my dinner after spending the morning shopping for groceries for Mom and Louise, then taking Mom to Frisco for her MRI which kept us out until around 7pm. Today's another day Scarlett, and we'll think about these things tomorrow, at Tara. Peace and may God Bless you today and always.