Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Watermelon Easy Cubing

It just wouldn't be July without a watermelon cooling in the fridge. Of course, the fourth of July has passed and soon August will be in full swing so this seedless watermelon will probably be the last one I cut and cube this season. I've discovered a way to prepare the melon that is easy for me and makes the fruit disappear quickly. Here it is in picture form.

Step 1) Cut the melon lengthwise down the middle and turn it cut side down on a cutting board

Step 2) Make horizontal cuts across the fruit from one end to the other and separate the slices

Step 3) Turn one section on its side and make a cut between the rind and the fruit to separate the rind from the good part

Step 4) Cut the block of fruit into one inch strips lengthwise and then across

Step 5) Using a flat spatula is an easy way to scoop up the cut pieces
Step 6) Place the cubes into an airtight container and continue on to the next slice. Repeat.
I like to cut up the rinds and add them to my compost bin for next year's garden soil.
Easy peasy!