Friday, May 10, 2013

Major Milestones after Two Decades

The month of May marks the anniversary of when we moved out to the country twenty-three years ago. Yes, I remember it as if it were yesterday. All I have to do to remind myself is look at the items still on our "To Do" list.

Here is some of the best advice I have about building your own house: Never, ever move into a house that's still under construction.

That being said, I add with pride that our guest bedroom has finally received carpet. After all this time of Swiffering plywood sub floors, we have carpet! Whoo hoo! The beauty, smell and the newness of it brings back all the joy of home ownership and the delight of a project that has at long last found its completion.

Before: Tony liked the way it was.
For the past week I've been moving everything out of the guest bedroom slash office into the living room. It is incredible how much stuff can accumulate in just 23 short years.

I worked a corporate job out of that room when I telecommuted, ran a business out of there when I sold on eBay and shared both sadness and joy as old dogs slowed to a stop and new puppies were raised at my feet in that room.

At long last,we will start a new journey as we move into the downstairs bedroom to be with 12 year old Cookie Doe who can no longer make it upstairs to the master suite.

The carpet padding

As they rolled out the padding
Ready to install the carpet
I'm delighted that I saved several hundred dollars by comparing cost on the carpet installation. They don't make it easy to compare, since some sell carpet by the foot and some by the yard. Some charge for padding and others include it in the cost. Some add for tack strips and padding separately. Go figure. Literally.

Lowe's charged $35.00 to come out and measure, but you get that back (only) if you buy the carpet from them. Their estimate took nearly a week between waiting for the guy to come out and measure, then three days for Lowe's guy to calculate the estimate. Their "carpet specialist" was off duty for one of those days. Hey, everyone needs a day off.

The winning vendor, Wylie Carpet and Tile, used my own hand drawn measurements, gave me a prompt estimate in writing in 5 minutes and was $633.00 less than Lowe's, which had been $300.00 less than Home Depot.

Doing the comparison resulted in a 33 percent savings which turned out to be well worth doing the math.

Rolling out the carpet

Cookie tested, Cookie approved.