Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Month Plus at Skilled Nursing

Things go on as they must in the Skilled Nursing Facilities around the country. From the horror stories I'm hearing at the lunch table with Louise and other residents here, we're lucky to be at this one. (What?) Yes, lucky, lucky, lucky.

Some of the other places don't measure up to basic standards from what we're hearing. One place nearby has a World Class Chef but the nurse call bells go unanswered. We don't have that issue here. Staff is responsive and they have addressed my concerns. Things are definitely improving.

Two nights ago, Louise got a roommate. The semi-private room has a fabric curtain that serves as a divider between two adjustable beds. There are 2 TVs, separate phones, dressers and closets for each resident. They share a bathroom. Today the room temp was set to 76 and it was blistering hot in there. The new patient in the room is recovering from pneumonia after a fall where she broke four ribs. She moaned through the night following her arrival, making a fitful night's sleep for both residents.

It took a few days, but Louise was able to remember Amy's name and they started sitting together for meals in the dining room. It's kind of like the lunchroom at school, where you have to know where the regulars sit and not take their place. When Mom and I visit now, we have a certain place where we all sit together.

Another of Louise's friends, Betty, has started coming to the table early and helps to find Louise's meal ticket in the bin. She even helps her read and circle the menu choices. The residents can pick between 2 main entrees, veggies, bread, dessert and beverages. The iced tea is surprisingly great!


The Food Service in the Dining Room:
When guests visit, they can share a meal with residents if they wish. They can even order specialty items like hamburgers or a sandwich. It's good food; not gourmet dishes, just comfort food cooked soft for the target audience of Seniors and recovering patients. Just don't let them write "soft grind" on the ticket unless you want your chicken pulverized.

BTW, don't plan to be in a rush.