Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tony the Nose, our new family member...

The focus at our house since April 15th has been our new puppy, Tony. We found him at the SPCA after two unsuccessful trips to find just the right pup. We knew this would take a really special guy; after spending twelve years with our Buddy, it would be hard to find his equal.

The name given to him by the SPCA was Curtis. When we first spotted him in a pen with his sister, Connie, he was fast asleep despite the rousing round of barking that our entrance had stirred up. We asked to use the get-acquainted room to see what the little guy was like. It was love at first site.

The name Curtis just didn't fit this little bundle of joy so we gave him a new first name, Tony. The first week he spent in our home he was barraged with a succession of names until we stumbled onto the one that fit. Tony Curtis. Yep, handsomely dark, gorgeous eyes, soft cold nose.

The first night we carried all 9.2 pounds of him upstairs to the master bedroom and placed him between us on the king sized bed. After the grueling day he'd spent, meeting his new parents, traveling for an hour in the car on a human's lap and meeting his new canine sister, Cookie, he fell fast asleep. I woke up a number of times during the night, worried that he might have tried to get off or fallen off the raised mattress, a daunting task at that size. But my fears were unfounded; he remained unmoving in the exact same location until about 2am when he began whimpering. I scooped him up in one arm and staggered downstairs and out the back door. Setting him down in the yard, he took two steps and made his business. Wow, what a guy. We returned upstairs and resumed our still-warm places in bed. Amazing!

Like a new grand-mom, I'm eager to share his cute photos and videos and will begin to post these on this blog. So until next time, may all your pets be the best one yet.