Monday, September 5, 2011

The Big Chill Down in Texas

For the past sixty something days we've had 100 plus degree weather here in Texas. That's right. Since the time my friend visited on the 4th of July, the temperature has reached 100 or more at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport all but one day. Yes, one day it was down to 99 degrees so we broke out the blankets and flannel shirts.

Until yesterday when a north wind came blasting through the plains bringing glorious cool weather. With the wind came a blessed relief of 69 degrees this morning when I let the dogs out at 5:30am. It's like living on another planet; a much cooler one.

The worst drought in 50 years has created enormous cracks in our yard, exposing tree roots and blistering the already stressed leaves and killing many well established trees. We're still praying for rain desperately needed to combat the wildfires raging in our state.

Possum Kingdom Lake took the forefront last week as the top story in the news with 6200 acres aflame and out of control for days. The same area burned in April, dispelling the myth that lightening doesn't strike twice at the same place. Maybe not so true with fire. This morning another wildfire rages in south east Ennis area ravaging homes and property. Floods rage just to our east with Louisianna pelted with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Lee. Too much water there, not enough here.

With the cooler weather, despite the lack of rain, we'll celebrate the Labor Day holiday as usual doing what we enjoy best in our quiet country home.