Monday, August 4, 2014

Bike Ride on a Country Road

Last night as we settled into our post dinner stupor, our reverie was broken by the sound of an ambulance heading our way. Our custom of running to the window to check if it's headed to Grandma's hasn't changed, despite the fact that she no longer resides across the street.

"They're congregating at our corner!" I advised J who remained for the moment in front of the TV.

Seconds later, the ambulance was joined by a Lavon Police Department SUV which pulled across the end of our road blocking access to the corner where the ambulance stopped, lights flashing.Sirens screamed as a white Sheriff's car pulled to a stop behind the ambulance.

We were glued to the window, concerned, so J took a walk to the corner. The Nevada Fire Department vehicle that accompanies the paramedics arrived. Shortly afterward, their Number 2 engine arrived along with a Department of Public Safety marked car.

I ran upstairs to get a better view, but the scene was semi-blocked by the trees on the corner of our property. People were running about, gesturing wildly as officers looked on, taking notes with their eyes.

As J walked solemnly up the long driveway to our house, I could hear the unmistakable beat of a helicopter heading in our direction. The bright yellow Care-Flight helicopter circled above searching frantically for a place to land nearby.

In the past, they've landed on our front pasture, but this time, they chose another site down the road.

We found out that a woman riding a bicycle had been struck by a speeder who, according to a witness, had been doing about sixty miles per hour on our thirty-five mph street. Fortunately, someone in the car behind the woman stopped to render aid.

For about an hour, traffic in both directions and down our street was blocked off as the officers conducted their investigation while the noise of the chopper made its way across the cool blue sky.

We hope that her injuries were minor and that care and healing follow her Sunday night ride.


  1. Hello Peg. It seems like the world is closing in on your little fortress out in the county. So sad that an evening bike ride can quickly turn into tragedy.

    1. The world is getting smaller out here, for sure, Mike. With the construction widening our highway, I'm sure more traffic will soon come. I bought a used bicycle recently and J told me it's not safe to ride it out here. Now, I believe it.

  2. Oh Peg,

    So sad to read have to wonder what the rush was that caused this tragic accident...and the driver did not even bother to stop. That is the most chilling part. Thank heavens for the Good Samaritan who stopped.

    Be safe, dear one... Love, Maria

    1. Hi Maria, We're noticing a lot more traffic and people who don't obey the 35mph limit on our country road. It's disturbing to see this trend and for this sort of thing to happen right in front of our house was unsettling. Reading this reminds me that I need to ask my neighbor if the lady recovered from her injuries. I didn't know her personally but I hope she's okay. Thanks so much for your loving concern and for dropping by.