Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sugar in the Morning

The good news is that Sugar, the seventeen-year old cat, survived the airplane trip from Dallas to his new home in South Carolina. He's now happily exploring and getting used to his new surroundings which include a beautiful sunny spot where he can soak up the rays.

Photo by Janet
The outside cat looking in is one of the original members of the household either Sullivan or Simon.
Sugar seems to have effectively turned his back on his peeping step brother and is down to the serious business of sunbathing.

A Roof Over My Head, La, la la...
His feline brothers are free to roam the woodsy back yard but Sugar was declawed so he can't go outdoors and face the native wildlife without protection. The other two cats are big squirrel hunters.


  1. That is one traveling cat. She still looks healthy.

    1. Hi Mike, We took him to the vet to get his shots updated and a health certificate when John was in town in March. Janet took him home to live with her visiting over the Easter holiday. It's another part of the transition. All are feeling the changes... Thanks for staying in touch. Peg

  2. Oh I am happy that Sugar found a new home and made the travel...still 'feline' fine after it all.

    I know this has to be one of the hardest parts for Aunt Louise. At least she know her little girl is being well cared for and loved.

    Thinking of you all and please give the girls my love too. Hugs, Maria

    1. Mcj, You hit the nail on the head. It has been a sad thing for all involved, including sweet Mr. Sugar. He is adjusting really well to his new home with my sister and his fellow canine and feline step brothers.Louise knows it is for the best but feels the loss of her companion.
      M, I take your lovely cards to the girls and read them aloud (really loud) since Louise can't see and Mom can't hear well.

  3. Forgive me MR Sugar...I don't at all like when folks refer to my little girl (with the pink collar) as a 'boy' (yuck...LOL)

    Funny, you'll be reading LOUD to the girls again before long! Love you, mcj

  4. Mr. Sugar is not offended. He is just delighted to have a woodsy view, a perch, toys and playmates. Brothers! Hooray. Even a little cousin Dachshund to play with who is like his friend Fritz.
    The girls always ask about you and send their love with mine. Peg