Tuesday, May 20, 2014

There Goes The Neighborhood

This Memorial Day Weekend will mark 24 years since we moved out here to the country.

Just thirty-five miles outside of Dallas, the quiet beauty of star-filled nights, breathtaking sunrises and colorful sunsets can't be matched in town.

This has been our daily dose of delight for all these years.

Soon, that sweet isolation and quiet peacefulness will be forever changed. 

Yesterday, the electric company broke ground on what has always been a horse pasture. Ten new houses are scheduled to be built across from our front yard.

I'm hopeful that the quality of the structures will enhance the value of our homes and yet, at the same time, sad with the intrusion into our revered space.

We knew it wouldn't be more than about ten years before the expanse of home owners into the Dallas Metroplex would uncover our little slice of Heaven out here in no where's land.

Send in the Cranes.


  1. Oh, heck, I thought you were talking about Sandhill or Whooping Cranes at first, not THOSE things!

  2. Of course you would be thinking Birds, Ms. Deb. They've flushed out a covey of all kinds of birds with their big equipment. Progress? So nice of you to drop by. Stay and have some coffee or refreshment?

  3. Hello Peg. It seems your life is in the proverbial rapids. The scenery all around you is changing at a remarkable pace. Perhaps it is time for a peaceful place near a shoreline to find new peace of mind and of course to write.

  4. Hey, Mike. I like that description, "the proverbial rapids". Isn't it amazing that life can go along for a while so quietly, then wham... We have plans eventually to relocate to a warmer climate, perhaps, Florida. Meanwhile, we watch as the neighborhood grows and evolves. I've made some fresh coffee if you'll stay and have some. How are things in your neck of the woods?

  5. Dear Peg,

    A cup of hot tea for me...here's hoping that your 'rapids' slow down soon! I love the thought of your plans to move east at some point. Love, Maria

  6. Hi Maria, Perhaps we should start a retirement fund for all our mutual friends to join us in the Tropics. What a blast it would be to have our own vacation paradise where we can write and bake in the sun. Here are some fresh pastries to go with your tea. Sit. Stay?

  7. Be careful or you will never get rid of me, Sista! Consider me "in" for the "vacation paradise retirement fund" and I suspect our mutual friends would be jiggy as well...

    Now is that a cheese danish I see...mmmmmm, thanks! Love, mcj

    1. Maybe we can win the Lottery and buy a Cruise Ship where we can all go to live permanently. Room service with a smile...♥