Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trees Bear A Closer Look

Our little road in the country
Last week another change altered the view that has remained the same for 22 years of living on a forsaken country road. The county has decided to improve our street, so in anticipation, they've planted these colorful signs announcing the changes we can expect over the upcoming months. They actually sent us a letter to announce the road improvements, which was nice to know.

Another routine venture into town turned into a chance to view strange and creative yard art during the voyage.

Heading into town, we made it through the treacherous construction zone that has recently transformed our little two lane highway into a dust bowl and headed into North Plano where our accountant's office is located. Yep, here it is the end of March and we finally gathered up all the forms and documentation for him to file our 2012 taxes. After all, there are still a couple of weeks left until the deadline...

On the way I happened to look over and spotted this unusual sculpture that someone has created in their yard.

It is a bear carved out of a tree trunk!

I had to get a closer look and so when our task was done we circled back and took these pictures.

What a fabulous idea. I'll have to go back to see if they paint any more detail.


  1. What a unique piece of yard art. Your area looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing this smile maker.

  2. Hi Mck. So glad you could stop in to see this unique piece of art. I was so amazed by the sculpture and glad we had a chance to stop back by to get a picture.
    Thrilled to see some of your creative stories are back on line. Hooray! I'll be by tomorrow to read and comment.

  3. Both the construction zone and my turnaround time for comments are positively grizzly...please bear with me...grrrrr...!!

    Love you, Maria

  4. Oh my dear Maria,
    How could I have neglected to answer your delightful comment for so long? Please bear with my ineptitude and forgetfulness. I think I must have you beat on turnaround time for comments. lol
    Love you and thanks for the visit,