Friday, April 5, 2013

In The Misty Morning Fog with My Brown Eyed Dog

Morning fog
Patchy day

Sun comes out
Fog goes away.
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison


  1. Well, those two look like great companions.

  2. Cookie is my little doe who has been a member of the family for over twelve years. She's beginning to falter as her hips get older. She can no longer make it upstairs to the second floor.
    Her friend and companion, Tony, watches after her as she watched after the others who are gone but not forgotten.
    She does love him, it's plain to see. It may be time to adopt a third furry child...

  3. It is so tough to watch them slow down. Maybe you are right about the adopting option.

  4. We're getting closer to that every day. Tony has been with us for 3 years this week.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Peg...oh three furry babes would make it exquisite!

    1. Hello Mcjmusings. Love having you visit here. Furry babes are the best kind of therapy for everything. The balance of the home is so sweet as it is and I know Tony would be so jealous of a new family member. He thinks I belong to him.

  6. My best friend, Max is now over twelve years old and his hips are faltering too. It's so painful to see. I just do not want him to grow old!! Cookie, your brown eyed baby is so precious!

  7. Your Max is gorgeous and sweet. I understand completely about the faltering hips. It is very difficult to watch how quickly they age. Seems like just yesterday that Cookie was a little pup. When she came along we had four dogs. Slick was the oldest and looked very much like your Max.
    So nice to see you today. Hope all is well with you.