Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Bradford Pear Tree
This is the first year the Bradford Pear trees have flowered since they have been planted in my yard. I've wondered over the past few years why they haven't bloomed like the ones I see lining the driveways of the neighboring houses. They are truly beautiful and bring the promise of spring, just around the corner.

The warm temperatures tempted me to pick up a few annuals at the Home Depot where I returned some unneeded things and received a gift card in exchange.

Had to go ahead and pick up these lovelies and get them in the containers on my porch which were so lonely with last year's leftover lifeless twigs.

The first robins have begun to feed in the back yard. One year I counted over thirty five of them all within the fenced area for the dogs. My shy Cardinal can be heard chirping his distinctive call and drinking from the water dish perched on the roll of garden fencing. I'm hoping he'll get within range and let me take a closer look at his gorgeous red plumage.

The recent rain has already brought a tinge of green to the brown grass of winter. It won't be long before the hum of lawn mowers will be cutting a trail in the new growth.

What a gorgeous time of the year - spring.

A glorious renewal of life and color, shedding the drab, sad colorless past and beginning anew.

We thank Thee oh Lord
For these Thy gifts
And more because
Of Jesus' love.
Let manna to our souls be given,
The bread of life sent down from Heav'n.

©  A song by PegCole from a prayer of Rev. James Armstrong


  1. Hello Peg, you have your own version of Pear Blossom Lane right there in your little corner of the world. Yes, let's harold the arrival of Spring.

  2. Mck. All your hubs are gone. What has happened? I've been out of the loop while my sister and her hubby were in town. Send me an email? Peg

  3. Spring has finally arrived to my part in Sweden too. Not any flowers yet. However, I saw my first colts-foot the other day on my walk, which made me believe Spring had arrived. Peg, the Bradford pear trees will bloom only after they reach maturity, which can be five years or many more, so that's the reason why they have not bloomed before. Enjoy Spring and its beauty!
    Take care,