Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February whooshes in with another Arctic Blast

We could hear the tap tap tap of little ice granules when it began late last evening, ushering in the full force of another winter storm. By the time the alarm went off there was a visible layer of tiny white pebbles covering both the front and back porch. The dogs, who got up at 3am to make their rounds, were fascinated by their water dish which has frozen into a giant slushie.  It was just two days ago we were enjoying a brief sunny break in the winter temperatures with a pleasant 70 degrees. Today the mercury has remained fixed at 20 degrees.

Most of the Dallas Schools are closed along with countless businesses as the ice settled on many of the overpasses and streets faster than the sand trucks can keep up. At the last report, there were 15 tractor trailer rigs involved in a series of accidents after jack knifing and sliding into one another and any neighboring cars. It's a great day for reading, writing and enjoying a nice cup of tea.
Hubby has ventured out in the mess to keep an appointment with the Pain Management Doctor, another new one. This guy has actually prescribed something to reduce the muscle contractions that accompany pathology at four levels of the lower back. Thank goodness for the little things that keep him going.

Workers 'Comp -The Little Guy vs The Big Insurance Companies
Here is the latest in the continuing saga of his battle with Workers' Comp. We had the Contested Case Hearing last Friday and are waiting to hear what the Judge's decision will be.

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