Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday, January 13

The Arctic blast continues here in Texas with temperatures hovering below freezing. Most of the snow has melted with the exception of the pile on the hood of my car. Yesterday was beautifully sunny, reflecting a blinding white across the stretches of snow remaining on the ground.

After it warms up some I'm headed to the neighborhood grocery store to pick up some much needed supplies.  When compared with the weather in the north east, we've got it made here. The streets are clear and dry and traffic moves in its normal sluggish fashion.


  1. I loved your picture on FB today! This has been an amazing winter in NC too. We've had snow five times ~ we go many winters without any at all.

    How is life treating you these days?

  2. You're sweet to mention it Dorothy. I was just reading your blog on your dear Mother and what a nice story. Loved reading it. What a pretty lady she was and she sounds really spirited.

    I'm going to try to add some more widgets here including yours. Wish I were more knowledgeable on all this confusing stuff. The more I read, the less I understand with RSS feeds and feedburner and all that.