Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Post of 2011 - Winter has come to Texas

Nearly 7 inches of snow fell Sunday-Monday in NE TX
Wednesday January 12, 2011. Still it's strange writing the year and saying twenty-eleven. Saying nineteen something seems such a short time ago, as does Y2K (year two thousand) which had everyone so freaked out. Time marches on.

Starting off the new year differently . . . on a caregiver level. Finally I've found a service that will come all the way out where we live (I called over a dozen companies) and provide housekeeping services for Mom and her sister! Hooray! So starting next week they will have a team of two persons who will clean their house on a bi-weekly basis. They'll mop floors, vacuum, scrub sinks and toilets, change the linens, dust from ceiling to baseboards. There will still be plenty to do keeping the ladies active, happy to be living in their own place with their own bathrooms and privacy. Quite a feat for 85 and 90 year olds.


  1. PHOOEY! We didn't get any after all.Sniff...sniff...Northeast LA got a bit, but we just missed by a few parishes. Shreveport di,but then it got patchy, and we were not in the "patch",lol!

  2. Oh, I forgot to say,good news about the caregivers. I know that gives you peace of mind!bayoulady

  3. Hi Jackie - Thanks for stopping in. Our snow is gone but not the cold temperatures. Hope you're keeping warm.