Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wintry Conditions in the Dallas Metroplex

Our venture out yesterday after being cooped up for five days of below freezing weather was a much needed change of view. Here's what the local grocery store looked like on the Saturday before SuperBowl XLV.

The WalMart in Wylie TX was not the usual landscape for Texas.

And our driveway. . . . (what driveway?)

And Love Field where Southwest Airlines completely closed down after 6" of snow fell on a thick sheet of ice that dropped in on Tuesday and hung around all week.

A picture from the TV NBCDFW Channel 5 broadcast last week.  Most of the schools were closed during the week due to hazardous road conditions.

It was pretty if you didn't have to drive in it.
Today is Super Bowl Sunday and the temperature has reached 46 degrees. Snow is beginning to disappear and the icicles are plummeting to the slushy ground. Finally . . . and just in time.

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