Monday, March 16, 2015

Red Dawn in Texas

Today held another spectacular sunrise in North Texas that rolled in with the early morning fog. It's rare to see a dawn as brilliantly red as this one was and it lasted for only a few delightful moments.

Before the skyline had a chance to brighten, I grabbed my trusty camera and ran outside in the cool mist and snapped a few photos.

The scripture describes it well, "The Heavens declare the glory of God" Psalm 19:1

He painted a wondrous morning greeting today.

Spring is popping out at an amazing rate with the Bradford pear trees, for the first time, covered in white blossoms. Within days, the green leaves will outnumber the blooms, but at the moment, it is the sure sign of warmer days ahead.

I nearly lost my sense of humor when calling the Medicare Replacement Insurance to get the phone number for Mom's hearing evaluation doctor. Their HIPA rules are more a barrier to progress than a protection against identity theft.

After a tense few minutes of denying me any information, I finally advised the representative that I was not seeking any top secret information on my mother's health or coverage, I simply need a phone number for a doctor who will take her insurance for a hearing test.

"Ma'am, this is the number to fax your power of attorney as her representative so that I can speak with you," she kindly informed me.

Grandma at lunch at the facility today.
I told her after ten years of faxing the power of attorney into what might as well be outer space, that I was quite frustrated that no one could keep track of this information, and by the way, isn't this a violation of privacy not to be able to maintain a patient's information?

We were assured when we signed up for this coverage that this would never be necessary, as the proper forms were submitted with the application, however, this has not proven to be the case.

We did eventually come to terms and she kindly provided me with the phone number for two doctors who promptly informed me that they do NOT take this insurance, despite repeated attempts at trying to remove their name from the insurance company's list.

I said, "Good luck with that, would you like their fax number?"

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