Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birds in the Snow

The snow is gone now and spring is on the way. Last week was a different story with ice and snow completely covering the driveway and front porch.

I finally got out and cleaned the window that overlooks this bird feeder so that I can get a clear shot of Mr. Cardinal and his beautiful face.

They were flocking to the Audubon mix of seeds that were placed outside for them. I've never seen so many varieties sharing the same perch. It was fascinating to watch them come and go, resting for a few moments on the branches of the Bradford pear tree nearby. Soon they would take flight and resume their voracious feeding during the worst of the storm.


  1. You have such a big heart to care for all the little mouths that stop by your place for a friendly smile and a meal.

    1. The birds are really enjoying the warm weather today. We have seventy-five degrees but expect a drop in temps tomorrow. Thanks, Mike, for stopping in.