Monday, December 9, 2013

Major Ice Storm Hits Dallas Area with a Vengeance

Temperatures in the Dallas Metroplex took a turn dramatically downward this week. Taken by surprise after Tuesday and Wednesday's temperatures ranged in the high seventies, Thursday night temps would bring in more than just cold weather.

Opening the back door to let the dogs out a few minutes before sunrise Friday am, I found a nasty surprise in the backyard. Our two mature trees, which usually form a balanced pair on either side of the porch, were bent over double with limbs and leaves dragging the ground. In the dim light of morning it was difficult to see the full extent of the damage.

The all-night tinkling of freezing rain Thursday evening left a major change on the neighborhood creating an icy world of crystaline sculptures of the landscape.

Limbs of trees we planted in the early nineties are snapped off as if they were tiny twigs, held in position by a thick coating of ice.

The Popcorn Tree has suffered loss of at least 4 major limbs snapped off as if by a giant hand.
The yard was like a brickyard of spikes piercing upward through the thick coating of frost. As Tony tried to walk, the frozen concoction remained stiff and unyielding. His legs and feet slipped and slid as he tried to make his way to his favorite spot.



Today, the ice remains as seen in the photos as temperatures have remained below freezing. Some of the ice melted during the day yesterday and refroze last night creating a world of black and slippery ice. Even truckers from the north were saying they'd never seen anything like these road conditions up north. We really do things BIG in Texas.


  1. Such magical pictures of Mother Nature ... An icy princess whose fingernails have the ability to do some real damage...

    Thinking of you, J, the ladies and your critters...wishing you warmth, peace and patience on these wintry days. Love, Maria

  2. Hi Maria, Great descriptive phrase my writer friend. "An icy princess" for sure. I'll be posting more pictures taken yesterday. Thank you for your sweet comment and visit.

  3. Peg the photos are stunning, too bad all that cold, slippery ice came with it. With any luck some Spring pruning will save the trees. I too am wishing you and yours warmth and safety. I cannot remember the last time I saw real icicles.

  4. Hi Mike. Thanks for dropping in. I can imagine you don't see too many icicles where you are. We have a tree guy coming out next week to help.