Sunday, June 4, 2017

Beach Therapy Please

Tomorrow my best friend will face the hardest day of her life. She's scheduled for an appointment at the cancer center to find out what options she has.

Our days go way back in time, way back to working in a hair salon, sitting for our real estate exams, climbing the corporate ladder, each trying to be a good step-mother to our ex's only child. We've faced hardship and joy together over the decades and now, she faces the hardest times ahead.

I think of her comforting me during my darkest days and realize there's no comparison to what she must be going through. Even now, in these days of bad news, P.E.T. scans, emergency room visits, missed diagnoses and pain, she keeps reminding me that God is in control. She is assured that He will do what's best for her and help her get through whatever lies ahead.

The last time I saw her, I couldn't believe my eyes. She was thinner than I had ever seen her. She has always battled extra weight, up thirty pounds, down ten, up twenty, down five. Now, she tells me she weighs only a few pounds more than I do. Down a hundred.That's not necessarily a good thing.

We've shared a week together on the beach at her timeshare right on the Gulf nearly every September since 1988. The memories we made won't fit into any photo album. There are thousands of scenes in my mind, captured along the way. Seagulls soaring, dolphins swimming, surf roiling, Hurricane Gilbert, poolside chats, beach strolls, sangria toasts, apple strudel, Beach Boy Video and precious time together with no cell phone anywhere near.

We've spent thousands of hours sharing personal issues, dilemmas, new jobs, joy, unemployment, stories of our past lives and loves. She has truly been a sister to me and a genuine friend in thick and thin. Time for some beach therapy.

I'm thinking of her today and praying.


  1. Hello Peg - So sorry to hear about your live long friend. Sending every extra ounce of energy I have to you as you carry her in your thoughts and prayers. All the love that the two of you shared is clearly outined in this touching piece.

    1. Dear Mike, Your words are comforting and I'll pass along that spare energy to my friend. She's not a social media type of person so she may not ever read this but she'll know she is loved. Thanks for coming by. See you on the beach.

  2. Hi Peg,

    So very sorry to hear about your friend. It does sound as though you have been the best of friends for many years. I will pray that her path is smooth no matter what lies ahead. It sounds as though her outlook is good.

    I have a friend who is also battling a metastasized cancer. She is also so thin!

    Thinking of you and your friend with love.

    1. Peggy, It's so kind of you to think of my friend and send such positive thoughts. I'm hoping for both our friends that they can recover completely and get past this difficult time of their lives. All the best to you, Peg

  3. Dear Peg,
    What a touching post of your lifetime friend.
    Her faith and spirituality are inspirational and a reminder to live our days to the fullest no matter what tomorrow brings.
    I am so at that beach with you...we shall think every day is September. Sending warmth, sunshine and hope - prayers too.
    Love you lots, Maria

    1. Dear Maria,
      I've often thought of all of us from Emerald Wells gathering on the beach for a sundown ceremony. It's so beautiful. No matter what the weather, a day on the beach is comforting in its eternal surge of the tide and daily schedule.
      Paula is dear to me, just as you are. I'll think of the three of us in the swim spa sharing our latest news and watching the sunset.
      Love you and thanks for coming by today. I needed that.

  4. Dear Peg, what a horrible situation! Seeing our best friend going through the hell of C is going through a another kind of hell. Or what shall we call the inability to ease their pain, the sadness, the countless negative feelings and emotions? I wish you both strength, the best of peace, and resilience. Don't lose hope! Miracles still happen.

    1. Hi Martie, Thanks so much for the kind words and well wishes. You've truly captured the helplessness I feel other than praying that she regains her strength and conquers this latest medical challenge. Again, thanks for coming by.♥