Friday, April 7, 2017

Salad - 50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber

Trying to lose a few pounds at my age has become a real challenge. Two years ago I decided to lose ten pounds. I'm not discouraged. I've only got twenty more pounds to go. "All I had was a salad." Go figure.

This is a favorite with Iceberg lettuce, chopped Roma tomatoes, drained black beans and sliced fresh strawberries. Where I've been going wrong is with the dressing. If you read the label, two tablespoons is an average serving with 140 calories. I usually quadruple that amount. (I may be underestimating a bit.) This week I decided to try something different. I've been using Balsamic Vinaigrette mixed with Zesty Italian Lite dressing and I've lost two pounds.
This was lunch on Monday: Iceberg lettuce, chopped celery, sliced baby carrots, chopped beefsteak tomatoes and dressing. What's missing is the mountain of cheese that I usually shred over the top of this "low-fat" meal. Of course, I've skipped the Simply Dipped Nutty Buddy ice cream cone afterward, too. How droll.
For variety, there's rolled up deli turkey, 15 calories per slice, and rather than the entire tomato, I used only half. What a sacrifice!
This one's also a favorite with baby spinach leaves, deli turkey and half of an avocado. I like to sprinkle a little lemon juice over the top to keep it from browning too quickly. Usually, there's no danger of that since it's gone in 60 seconds. Just kidding. It usually lasts three minutes while I watch an episode of Snapped: Killer Couples or Lt. Joe Kenda on TV.
Here's another way to use up that Costco-size Hillshire's Farm Deli Turkey in the economical five-gallon tub. I back-slid on this one and added shredded cheddar cheese, but to make up for it, there's fresh grapes. So I'm good, right?
Okay, here I'm really falling off the wagon with this tuna salad and its high calorie mayonnaise. Please help me, I'm falling. Down one pound and back up two. Aaaccck!
Getting better all the time with these added black olives, half a boiled egg, Garbanzo beans (for protein) and two rolled up slices of deli ham at 25 calories each. Oh, don't forget the Roma tomatoes and the half cup of Ranch Dressing.
Now, you're cooking. Avocado, black beans, grilled chicken breast, Roma tomatoes over Iceberg lettuce. Yes, now, that's a meal in itself. But wait, what about the dressing?
Venturing way out on a limb with Artisan type lettuce, otherwise, same stuff, different day. Black beans, Roma tomatoes, boiled egg, hold the salt - I'm on a diet. Ah, never mind. What good is an egg without salt?
Better. Tuna with no mayonnaise, sliced baby carrots, baby spinach, Iceberg lettuce, paprika. Uh oh. Giant bowl.
Really branching out now. Adding diced Bell pepper, rolled ham with Swiss cheese, boiled egg, Spinach and Iceberg lettuce. Feeling happy. Have a nice day. Ok. Google won't let me add more images so that's it for now. Eat healthy. Drum roll. Here's Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.


  1. It's such a hard thing to do at my age. (losing weight that is). I keep trying and trying. You've got some delicious looking salads here that I will definitely try. Thanks Peg and good luck to you. Pinning to my board "Salads". Have a great weekend.

    1. Hello, Susan. You inspired me this morning with your share of that avocado salad from our mutual friend, Rebecca. Thanks so much for coming by to check this out. I'm really determined to get back down to the weight where I belong. (Pass the Doritos, please).

  2. Those are beautiful salads, Peg. Instead of salt, I like pepper, but when I get that rare urge(when it is hot out), I use organic pink Himalayan sea salt. What a fresh taste!

    I used to be a lot heavier than I was when I was younger. I'm still pretty darn youthful, though. I gave up meat for the most part, but will partake occasionally. The cravings are VERY rare, but many deli meats are high calorie.

    I LOVE candy though, and can eat an easy pound of it at one sitting, but I don't feel guilty. Why? Forget those expensive diet fads and reset your gut bacteria with Greek Gods Probiotic Yogurt. Seriously. You won't crave fried foods or sweets. Seriously. I eat a 32 oz. container to maintain, if I need it now (maybe once a month).

    I will try those salads, though, they look great, minus the dressing, most likely mixing bowl size. I have a very healthy appetite.

    1. Hi Deb, Good to see you here. Thanks! I would imagine with all your excursions to the lake that you stay active and therefore, trim. I used to do a lot of construction (on our house) and gardening. Now I don't and the healthy appetite is catching up with me.'
      I will definitely try the Probiotic Yogurt if it helps curb the cravings for sweets, my biggest fail on eating healthy. I love to bake and that's an issue, too.
      If you would like a great vegan cookbook, I bought several of my nephew's pubblication, The Lotus and the Artichoke, based on his world travels. I would love to send you a copy. Send me a private email if you want one. I'll send one to you. Peg

  3. This was funny to read Peg. That darn dressing! Actually we most often use a homemade vinaigrette for our dressings with the exception of Ranch style dressing from Costco. That we often doctor up with some red wine vinegar to spice it up a bit. Dieting is not fun but love the photos of your salads!

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Peggy. Yep, I buy the Costo Hidden Valley Ranch, too, of course, in the two-pack giant size. I've stopped putting the bottle on the table so I can control the portion size. Otherwise, it goes on everything - broccoli, baked potato, bread, etc.. Sigh...

  4. "Of course, I've skipped the Simply Dipped Nutty Buddy ice cream cone afterward, too. How droll." Adorable too, dear Peg.

    Loving the selection of salads you've shared here. I've taken to keeping my dressing on the side - easier to control, as I can get carried away with pouring from the bottle ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend. Love, mar

    1. Hello dear Ms. Musings, Your self control is admirable with the dressing on the side. Good idea. That reminds me of a scene from The Santa Clause movie where Tim Allen orders a hot fudge sundae with extra chocolate syrup on the side. Mmmm. Chocolate syrup.
      I hope your weekend is sunny and beautiful. Here, the weather is perfect. I should be outside digging in the garden instead of slaving over the keyboard. Oh, well. Tomorrow perhaps. Love and hugs.

  5. I love all kinds of salads. These look really good. At my age I no longer expect to be completely slender but I still don't want to go completely overboard with my weight.