Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Carriage Driver by Michael Friedman - Book Review

The Carriage Driver
Versatile author, Michael Friedman, writes from the heart about things that matter. In his book, The Carriage Driver, a collection of stories about the afterlife, he captures the hearts those who believe as well as those who only hope there is life after death.

His tales identify possible choices for each of us as we pass through the veil of darkness and our bodies outlive their usefulness. He presents options where we pick our new lives as we move out of this physical realm and into the after world. His tales provide possible answers to the eternal question: What if?

This gathering of stories incorporates individuals from all walks of life carrying on their hopes and dreams and moving them to the next level. Some arrive at The Castle for a sumptuous dinner; others conduct a symphony, perform an original musical masterpiece, paint a work of art or ride off into the sunset of our dreams. 

As the author explains in his Preface, “This work presents the instances where a person's life has led to a promised land.”

This book is one that the reader will turn to time and again with the passing of time as we long for the comfort of a future for ourselves and our loved ones. The closer one gets to our ultimate demise, we ache for a place, as promised in the Christian ministry and other religions, of "many mansions" where we might choose a resting place on our continuous journey. 

These beautifully written and uplifting stories provide insight into what might await us as we cross over into the unknown and pass through eternity. Peppered with wisps of poetry and driven by our favorite steed, Nuelle, we ride together into the storm as we face the future.


  1. Hello Peg. This is such a nice review. It highlights just what I was aiming for as each story unfolded. As you know The Carriage Driver 2 will soon be released for publication. Those that took the time to read the stories found in The Carriage Driver (one) wished that the stories continue, and so they did.

    I will be putting this link on Twitter. Thank you for your kindness and friendship.

  2. What a wonderful review of a book I love. I'm greatly looking forward to The Carriage Driver 2...

    Wishing you both a peaceful day. Hugs, mar

  3. Peg this is a great review and the book sounds interesting. I do think Michael Friedman has a real winner here.