Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feral Cats in the Country - A Poem

Living out in the country brings in a variety of stray cats looking for food and shelter. The latest visitor is a feral cat we named Tiny.

Soft paws sneaking in the wood,
New cat in the neighborhood.
Bug filled droppings in the yard,
Life so far has been real hard.
Sensed the dogs but unafraid
Came inside the fence and laid
Bravely on the garden sill
Bearing only his good will.
Needs a place to eat and sleep
Away from wolves disguised as sheep
Who live to run and love the chase
Makes the woods a scary place.
Here he'll stay and share his fleas
Unprotected against disease.
One day soon he’ll see the vet
Secure his future as a pet.
Until then he runs to hide,
Watching me eyes open wide.
A bowl of food and water, too
Sending silent thanks to you.
This is Tiny


  1. I was once part of a feral cat's family. He was always somewhat wary, but that is all part of his experience which he likely will never outgrow. He accepted me, and that was all that really mattered.

    1. Wary is the way of their world, Deb, that's for sure. Sometimes when they're this tiny they can still learn not to be afraid.

  2. Your heart is not TINY, dear Peg...

    ... your 'TINY' is a sweetheart (like his new Momma)

    1. Thanks, Maria. I know you love the little creatures, too.