Saturday, July 11, 2015

Treasure Hunt in Farmersville

Singer Sewing Machine
The tiny downtown of Farmersville, Texas always yields a treasure or two and today was no exception. The stores have changed somewhat over the years, somehow adding more sophistication and newer things. Or perhaps it's me who has changed.

Red Door Antiques moved across the main street into a newly remodeled space. It's beautifully decorated and full of lovely things. Even so, I miss their old space that was drafty and dusty, just like I like it.
Downtown Farmersville TX

Found amid the current items that seem to outnumber the aged and vintage things of previous days, an enamel dishpan from the 1940s, white with red trim awaited. Another customer remarked that they used to bathe their small child in a pan like that. Yes!
Enamel Dishpan with Red Trim

At my favorite store, Main Street Antiques, there was a vintage Singer Sewing machine, the hand crank kind like one that sold in my own store long ago. Of course it was a must purchase after spotting the twenty percent off sign. A little Goo Be Gone and a wipe down with a cotton rag and it sparkles like new.

The best find of all today was a Christian Hymnal that contains most of the songs we sang in church as children. This book was published in 1961 and has a soft cover along with a classic image of the Savior rescuing a lamb. Sweet!
One of my Dad's favorite tunes...


  1. I must say lovely treasures indeed. Your picture of downtown Farmersville just made me want to hop into the picture and take a walk around.

    1. Thank you, Rasma. I wish we could shop there together and have lunch at the Sugar Hill Cafe.

  2. You found some awesome finds...just as I have 'In the World' of Peg.
    I have some catching up to do. Love, mar

    1. Wish we could go exploring together in Texas. Maybe someday. Thanks again for the volume of time you spent reading my articles. Love you.