Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Man Caves, Controlled Chaos

Some say that a messy desk is the sign of an organized mind. That might explain the explosion of chaos that reigns supreme in this man cave. Despite the disarray, this is the haven of dreams for many men.

At first glance it might seem like an accident waiting to happen. True, there may be wires dangling, floor jacks lurking, paint booth plastic drop cloths hanging from the ceilings and ladders to travail, but there is also order to the dusty decor. You have to learn the secret handshake to get inside.

This week's project has waited since the early nineties when the roof trusses were originally installed. So many projects have taken priority in the meantime.

The four foot spans between trusses are quickly being supplemented with a rafter installation in between the gaps. There is renewed hope that a ceiling will be installed so that air conditioning can become a reality. For the past two decades, this has only been a dream despite Texas summers with three digit temps.

Project that is now on the back burner.
The El Camino project has taken a back seat to the ongoing ceiling construction. Everything has to happen in a certain order.

The ceiling construction is a prelude to building the Powder Coat Oven, a device large enough to cook automotive intake manifolds and large specialized equipment.

The old oven from the house is used exclusively to bake auto parts.
The old oven from the house remodel is used exclusively to bake his auto parts now. Once used with the chemicals in the process, it can't be used for food anymore.

Here is where the magic of powder coating happens when it comes to turning carburetors into masterful works of art.

This is a link to the  hubby's videos on  How To Powder Coat a Carburetor explaining in detail how he does the entire powder coating process.
Holley Carburetor
 In case you have gotten lost in the maze of projects in this 32 x 64 foot garage, there is still a small path to let you find your way back out.

Go into the light if you want out.


  1. Wow! I love both the article and the dream becoming reality.

    1. Tim, it's such a pleasure to have you visit this site and to leave such a rewarding comment. Thank you.

  2. Best wishes for great success. Clutter is part of being a genius.

    1. Thanks, Rasma Raisters, for the visit and the sentiments.

  3. This looks a lot like hubby's "man cave", race cars and all! Hubby would love to see this man cave. It's funny that he doesn't mind leaving things out of place in the house, but no dares leave something out of place in his shop!

    1. Hi Sheila, I'm sure these two guys would have a good time together playing in their man caves. I didn't remember that your hubby has a race car! Is he a drag racer? Boys and their toys...