Sunday, June 2, 2013

Off for a Sunday Morning Drive

Living in the country has many advantages, one of which is the proximity of the old time neighboring communities. In just a few short miles and within minutes, I can be immersed in landscapes that take me back to a simpler time; a place where railroad tressles, onion sheds and grain silos dot the neighboring fields.
Downtown Farmersville Square

Two of my favorite places to spend a weekend morning include Princeton and Farmersville, Texas.

Today I set out early, heading north on one of Texas' picturesque highways to Farmersville's Historic Downtown Square.
To the right is a glimpse of the park adjacent to the Onion Shed pictured below. Today's unseasonably cool temperatures in the low 70s are the perfect pairing to a stroll through the grounds.
The Onion Shed and entry to Audie Murphy Trail Head
The Onion Shed is where Farmersville Farmers and Fleas monthly produce market is held. I missed yesterday's festivities, when the locals bring their handmade goods, vegetables and crafts for sale and display on the picnic tables under the tin roof.

Recycled Playground Equipment

South view of town
Although it is a colorful display that I've participated in as a one-time vendor, I enjoy the quiet on a Sunday morning when the local crowd is absent.

None of the merchants have opened their stores as most wait until after noon when church is out.

Main Street early on Sunday morning
This is Main Street where my favorite Antique Store is hidden away among antique buildings, many in the process of restoration. Its proprietor knows me by name and greets me with each visit, inquiring about my mother who is her age, yet the two are worlds apart. She brings baked goods and serves coffee and Mimosas to the visitors who patronize her store. Doris, at 87, has just completed the renovation of her building where a variety of consignment booths are housed, dedicating the building to her late husband.

Farmersville Visitor's Center - Chamber of Commerce

Galvanized horse troughs and farm supplies
Scenic Overlook - View of Lake Lavon
The journey on the return trip is refreshingly familiar as I gaze off into fields lining the road and stop at a Scenic Overlook.
Now it's time to head home and wash the produce purchased at a familiar stop in Princeton, Sally's Produce. I came away with a nice assortment of summer squash, green snap beans, tomatoes and a canteloupe along with a beautiful jar of red rasberry jam, the basis for a Rasberry Walnut Vinegrette dressing I'll serve on spinach salad. Sally wanted to know how to prepare the dressing, and I share my recipe while butterflies land softly on the produce resting between us.

All in all, it was a lovely trip.


  1. Hello what a serene Sunday morning outing. The air looks crisp and clean, the streets look clean and safe. All-in-all a place that resembles to me Emerald Wells Texas. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant morning trip.

  2. Hello Mckbirdbks. This place always reminds me of Emerald Wells Texas, too. There are the beginnings of new life here as the remodeling of old buildings is starting to take off. Before that, there were only two places to eat: Sugar Hill Cafe, which I at one time considered buying (until I found out the price) and another hometown hamburger joint with screen doors. I love the old time feel and homey atmosphere in Farmersville.

  3. Peg, So happy to find your blog. I love the picture of the recycled playground. Looks like such a lovely town.

  4. Hi Peg, I have nominated you for an Inspirational Blogger Award! Find out how to claim your banner at the link. luck with all your writing endeavors!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thank you for the nomination. I'm not sure what kind of site this is. I tried to explore out there and had some technical difficulty, so for now, I'll just tell you I appreciate your kindness and perhaps try again at another time.
      Thank you kindly for your visit and all the best to you.

  5. Hello and welcome Susan. I'm so glad to see you here and delighted that you stopped in to make a comment. Wish we could spend an afternoon in Farmersville checking out the local merchants and having an iced tea at Sugar Hill Cafe. It's a lovely place with real tablecloths and an old time soda fountain along one side of the building. Maybe one day. Again, thanks for the visit.

  6. Hi Peg, this looks so sweet and homey. I had you on my list for an Inspirational Blogger Award. Not sure if I sent it yet. Just in case! Check out how to claim your badge here. Good luck with your blog!