Thursday, January 24, 2013

Play Misty For Me

Sunrise, January 24, 2013
Early morning fog came as a surprise to those of us expecting weather in the 70s today. The moisture in the air provided a gorgeous sunrise.

It was delightfully cool, rather than cold outside as the dew gathered strength and dripped quietly down from the roof onto the porch.

I headed out early and picked up the bare necessities, Fudgsicles, Half-n-half, and those irresistable breakfast essentials, raspberry filled donuts. Of course the obligatory gallon of milk was tucked among the purchases; all the better for gluging down with a couple of those donuts.

My appearance at the front door frightened a small covey of birds that had surrounded the bird feeder. Teetering away with a flurry of wings, they took cover under the deck behind the trellis.

The house next door finally saw some advancement after a couple of weeks of inactivity. This past weekend they came and installed the remaining pieces of missing siding at the top of the east facing wall.

After a long dry spell, we had two days of rain over the last couple of weeks, which most certainly found its way down behind the partially completed siding. Progress is hard to determine with the exterior mostly finished. They will start the finish out of the inside now.

It's given a whole new dimension to the sunset. This photo was the view in 2009.


  1. Peg, what beautiful photographs. Donuts and a glass of milk? Yes please. I love your yard, so peaceful and serene. Not sure how to sign in here, looks like you got my Google profile. Thanks so much for featuring snakeslane, so generous of you!

    1. Jean? Is that you? How wonderful to see your face today on my lonely blog. And wish you could share a couple of donuts and some coffee with me on the porch.

      The stray cats have been scarce lately. I think they found better food elsewhere. Jack still shows up from time to time, sleeping in the chairs, awaiting some action.

      Thank you so much for stopping in here. Cool!

  2. Your photography is wonderful. The early morning hours offer so much peace and serenity. And the donuts, how thoughtful.

    1. Hi Mike. I just snap the pictures which is the easy part. The amazing view is ready made and always a source of beauty. Here, won't you take this poor lonely last donut? I've had three already.