Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Cup of Special Tea with Friends

Having a little slice of pound cake and a cup of special tea in my new favorite mug. Dare I show a picture here? It seems somehow sweetly familiar as if I've had this cup for a long time. I hold it easily and comfortably wrapped in my hands as the hot liquid warms my cold fingers.

The mug is new; a special gift, a reward for walking out in the cold this morning to take a picture of the sunrise.

Reaching into the spidery plastic mailbox, I was thrilled to spot a brown-paper wrapped package of sunshine peeking out. When I saw the return address my step quickened toward the house to reveal its mystery. I still had kitties to feed and had already stalled the 'inside critters' with stories that their canine breakfast would soon arrive.

Ms. Kitty and Tiny were the only ones that showed up for the buffet today and yesterday which is both good and bad. Jack has been missing meals for a couple of days now. He's a seasoned tom cat who knows his way around, but there are the local yokels who like to do burn outs on the back roads out here.

Ms. Kitty
Just another day in paradise here in the country. As the build next door continues slowly but ever pleasing in its beauty against the revised landscape of the setting sun.

Another one sinks into the watery lake and day is done.


  1. Hello Peg. What a beautiful landscape you show in the photographs. You have built a wonderful life in your homeland of Texas. Oh, what a nice mug.

    1. I'm delighted with my new treasured mug and thank you very very much friend. What a delight to find it in the post. Thanks so much. And also for dropping in. I noticed EWC made it to 96. That's great.

  2. Santa Claus, your name is mckbirdbks... oh Peggy, now we have Sista mugs! And yes, my tea tastes very special out of this cup...

    You are the kitty whisperer...Love you, Maria

    1. Sista mugs! How fun that sounds. We're clinking in virtual space. I like to have tea in the afternoons in mine. It's the perfect size.
      Thanks for dropping in to share the kitty update with me. I must capture them soon.