Thursday, March 22, 2012

After The Hospital

Forest Park Medical Center
It has been a long time since I wrote here on my Blogger account. The past three months in particular have passed by like straight line winds. Now the calm is finally settling in and things are returning to routine. How lovely it is to have a routine: Set the coffee pot the night before to brew automatically; get up and take a shower; get dressed and ready for work. All these things we take for granted when we are able to do them.

But after major surgery, the normal routine things that people do are now dependent on others for help. And life becomes a series of milestones that mark the progress of returning to the routine.

The hospital visit was like nothing I've ever experienced. There is a reason they have been rated as Extraordinary by D Magazine. I'll be writing a review of the experience and publishing it on HubPages soon.


  1. Wow,Peg. I have just come back,too. So sorry to see that you have made only one post since October. Hospitalized,still ill......Oh my! Get well soon!

    1. Jackie, I hope things are going much better for you dear one. And thanks for dropping by to visit this blog. Things are looking better on the health end for Jim at long last. Now if we can just weather the storm brewing on the work end. Tomorrow is the day they will know. You know it's always something. That's just the way it is.
      All the best to you. Peg

  2. Hello Peg, thought I'd visit your well neglected Blog. And sometimes things returning to normal is the reward.

  3. Hello Mck, thank you so much. You can see how lonely things are in blogger land. Otherwise I would suggest that you relocate the Cafe to here where we could all post whatever we want. You are sweet to read and join in on mine. Thanks so much for your friendship. It means so very much to me.