Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is in the Air - Tomorrow is the First Day

Ahhhhh, cooler weather. Wonderful! Makes me want to bake a cake. Soon.

The leaves are beginning to take on a yellow hue and although we don't get to see a dramatic change in the seasons here in Texas, fall will soon fall upon us. The two best months of the year to be in Texas IMHO are October and April. In the first few days of October, when a light breeze drifts in from the north cooling off the heat of summer, one can actually sit out on the porch for a while and take in the beauty before the weather gets so cold it becomes unpleasant.

This morning started off with a crisp 68 degrees. Much more pleasant than the past few weeks of unrelenting sweltering heat. The high today is expected to be in the 80s with a slight chance of rain. How lovely!


  1. Hi Peg

    No two days are the same in the UK (weather-wise). One day it's nice and warm, the next it's raining and bleak. We're lucky in the south though, as we get more sunshine.

    I'm a summer person, although the seasons are nice to have. It's cozy to snuggle beside a fire in the winter and lock out the coldness, but I like long summer days. It would be nice to have many long days of 80 degrees, although you must like the coolness when it comes. I know the pets aren't so keen on lots of heat as they get older, well Toby isn't.

  2. Hey Peg, nice weather here too. It's been a while since I checked my blog, what a delight to see your comment. One day I'll get with it on this blogging thing. So far it just hasn't clicked with me but yours looks great. I love pictures of trees (nature. Hugs hun :)