Friday, November 20, 2015

Reading My Way Through the Candidates, This Week's Review

Working my way through the books that our Presidential hopefuls have written, this is my second venture in a series of book reviews.

How To Make America Great Again-Crippled America, by Donald J. Trump

When we think about politicians and candidates for office, it is important to understand their philosophy and check their records when it comes to accomplishments and to know what they have undertaken in the past. Their successes and failures tell an important story.

The first in the series was by Ben Carson, MD. In his book, One Nation - What We Can All Do To Save America's Future, he recommends that we challenge ourselves to learn a new fact about American history each day for one month. I like that idea along with his recommendation that we study the political candidates and check the facts.

One of my favorite mentors of all time used to question people who say, "I just don't know where all my money goes." His tongue-in-cheek response was "perhaps we should put them in charge of a corporation. Or in charge of our country." If we can't manage small funds, how can we run a country?

With the candidates that are running for President in 2016, we need to take a look at their track record; what they view as important contributions to the world, to the economy, to our health and welfare, and to our systems of government, as well as their personal accomplishments.

The people who represent us at the moment have earned little respect from the masses. The constant political divisiveness has left many of us discouraged and with a bad taste for politics. The idea of a United States seems frequently overrun by a tone of us against them - Democrats versus Republicans.

Not all of us will agree on the best plan of action to return our country to a nation respected around the world, restore a system of commerce that is successful and on how to control our spending. We do long for a return to the Made in America manufacturing and jobs that once supported families who have since lost their homes to foreclosure and bankruptcy. We want to help the homeless and those who want to come to our country. What is the best way to do it?

It seems a good time to look into who has a solid plan to address the needs of We The People and then vote accordingly.


  1. I remember when most goods used in America were made in America. Generally speaking, they were of higher quality than those from China. The sizing of shoes and clothing are more consistent and there weren't as many defects. I miss those days. As far a candidates go, I want one I can respect, who really does have integrity and has demonstrated some leadership and competence in real world activities. I'm tired of crony capitalism and deals done in secret by those of either party. I want someone I can believe, who will speak the truth as far as he knows it. I'm tired of all the lies and cover-ups. I'm also tired of party hacks trying to thwart the will of the people. I will no longer donate to a national party -- only to candidates I believe in.

    1. Hi Barbara, You and me, both. I miss the days when things were made in the USA. The jobs that existed in clothing and manufacturing have gone overseas and that affects our bottom line in tax revenue. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings about the upcoming election and our choices for a representative.