Thursday, September 3, 2015

Confessions of a Hair Stylist, A True Story

I sometimes wonder what became of my best friend who went into business with me. We opened a hair salon despite not having much money. What we didn't have, we borrowed. We were barely making ends meet, buying food with our daily tips. But oh, what fun times we shared. It was great until it was over.

The salon stayed open until nine pm twice a week. One of those evenings a guy living in a trailer behind the shopping center watched us from his car in our parking lot. We could see him through the one-way glass window in the reception area. A few minutes before closing time he came into the salon. We were nervous until he asked to schedule appointments for his two young children. That went well with each of us cutting one of the kid's hair. Then, he wanted me to cut his hair. During the haircut he kept looking over his shoulder at me and staring at me in the mirror.

The week after that, I found a long, handwritten letter tucked in the front door. In it gave spoke of his love for me and explicit details of his warped fantasies. My partner and I both freaked out. We became wary as we left the salon at closing time, waiting to leave until both our cars started.

After the stalker incident, I started bringing my big dog to the shop. Once, when a salon inspector showed up Bucky was in the supply room. It was a miracle that we weren't cited with a health violation for having a dog there. She understood and only gave us a warning about it.

In my back yard painting the signs for our Business
The day after Christmas we came in to find three inches of water covering the floor from a broken water pipe. water soaked the entire place. We mopped for hours and worried that our stalker had done something to cause the flood. We approached our landlord about his creepy son and that took care of things.

The next weird thing was a call from a coworker of my ex-fiance. She said she had some disturbing facts about my soon-to-be husband. She made an appointment for a haircut and a heart-to-heart talk. We waited all day for her to show up but she never showed. That was a blessing in disguise, although, now I wish she had. Things might have turned out differently for me.

As time passed and we grew discouraged with our lack of customers, despite our efforts at promoting our business. We were barely making enough money to pay rent.

My partner soon started having marital difficulty and became depressed, speaking about suicide. She asked if I would buy out her half of the business. Of course, I agreed - as if I had any money. She needed to earn a real income. We had a lawyer draw up papers where I agreed to pay her her part of the down payment we put in the business.

Disaster loomed in my future as I carried all three loans, the salon mortgage, her loan and my loan. Then came more trouble as the other stylist broke her leg and couldn't stand up to work for weeks.

The next surprise was getting a letter in the mail from an attorney saying my ex-partner was suing me for her part of the business. And that ended our friendship.

My Dad always told me, "Never go into business with family or friends." He was a smart man. I should have listened.


  1. What a sad story, dear Peg.
    Your Dad was a wise man~ no matter what, so glad you were safe.
    Lessons learned for sure...
    Love you, mar

    1. Hello Mar. Time passes and we begin to look back on our lives and our decisions in the past. I made some real doozies from which I hope I learned a lot about life.
      Thanks for reading this and for the thoughtful remarks about the story and about my dear old Dad. I sure miss him.
      Love you more, peg