Monday, September 30, 2013

Back in the Neighborhood

August came and went in a flash of soaring temperatures here in Texas. Along with the hundred degree days, my on line writing came to a screeching halt for a couple of weeks during which I quietly celebrated my birthday. I intentionally avoided Facebook and other writing sites which continually tried to reminded me that I was a year older. Usually I celebrate with a trip to McKinney and my favorite dusty thrift stores but not this year. McKinney has been transformed from a sleepy square into a new haven for young upcoming newstarts.

Brian Williams shows up at dinnertime.
Brian Williams, the cat, still arrives each day at dinnertime and is now letting me get within 4 feet of him when I prepare his meal. Of course, maybe it is that dish of milk that motivates him. It is an improvement from the 15 foot zone he used to impose before scampering out of reach. He's starting to look more like the cat we named Grumpy Jack who used to be a regular fixture here when making his neighborhood rounds. He's been MIA for months, now, and presumed . . . well . . . you know.

Grumpy Jack - May be Brian's Dad

In September, my annual trek to the Florida Gulf Coast with my long-time friend Paula was a no go this year as well. During that week, J took some well-deserved days off and we took a stay-cation together doing some of our favorite things: movie marathons, a trip to Harbor Freight, Cosco and a enjoying few meals out. Mainly, we just relaxed and kept no schedule. It was wonderful. The following week J flew to New Hampshire and met with computer storage customers and business associates. Thankfully, his health has improved dramatically and he's managing the work load and pressure of the corporate world. I can't say that I miss the travel or the constant on-stage requirements of the business world.