Thursday, March 21, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

Days go along like a flowing stream for a while, until around the bend, they come across a boulder in the stream. And the traveler must make the decision of which way to go around the huge obstruction that parts the water in two. So they choose to leave the well traveled path for new adventures and other avenues branching out from the stream.

When a popular writer recently left the HubPages site, it affected me more deeply than I ever imagined. Possibly because I had never imagined it. I thought things would continue to flow just like they had and did for the past couple of years. Then, out of nowhere, things change.

And that is the way it is with life. Just when we think we have figured out the answers, they, those notorious "they" change the questions.

I'll miss my friend, Mckbirdbks, and his fantastic creation, the Emerald Wells Cafe, where I shared many virtual meals with friends. More than that, I'll miss the ongoing friendship and travails we all shared through our pens on the comments stream of that important dialogue. It was more than a story, it was a saga of our shared lives.

And to the host who responded individually to each and every visitor, to make them feel welcomed and glad they came, I'll hope there are happy trails ahead in the word. I'm hoping a new Emerald Wells Cafe blog will rise up to take the place of what we have lost on the ever so fickle HubPages. I want to be the first to follow that blog.


  1. me too, Sista...I think I have already lost a few virtual pounds?!

    I need some Cheese Danish badly...Love you much, mar

  2. It is lonely in HubVille without the Emerald Wells Cafe and the group of snackers who dropped in and out. Loved hearing from you Mar and hope you are enjoying a few well-deserved moments of you time. Come over for some Butternut Squash Pie. I just pulled it out of the oven. I'll make some coffee.