Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning Has Broken

Another day to enjoy a moist beautiful sunrise. Thank You! It is truly a blessing to have another brand new day to start off. And a gorgeous one as an added bonus. I'll always remember my friend Phyllis who, when asked how she was, would always reply, "Brand new".

I admired that about her and it made me think about having a fresh, clean slate to start off the day. No more worries about yesterday. No fears about tomorrow. Just a brand new day to make the best of whatever it brings.

The horses in the field behind the tractor were running happily in formation, four of them, tails held high. Their dogs were trailing along behind enjoying the crisp, cool morning.

The temperature has dropped back down from its unusual range in the 70s this week to a chilly 40 degrees this morning. It gives the dogs a spring in their step and a frisky nature on their run through the back yard.


  1. I really like your friend Phyllis healthy attitude. Very wise woman, indeed.
    Every day is a new beginning! Take a deep breath and start afresh, and every new day that we will wake up to, is truly a blessing.
    Thank you for a beautiful blog post.
    Take care,

    1. Hello Sannel. Thanks for the visit and for your thoughtful comment. I miss Phyllis and have lost touch with her over the years, but was thinking of her this morning. I like what you've said about every day being a blessing. I totally agree with that.
      Hope to see you soon.