Friday, November 23, 2012

PegCole's Test Kitchen: Libby's Pumpkin Pie

The day before Thanksgiving I bake pies.
After so many years now, it's become a tradition for me to spend the day puttering around the kitchen setting the dining room table, which sees little use until the holidays, and tending to the baking. It is that time of year when I bring out the linens and special dishes; more for my pleasure than anyone else in the family. I carefully rinse out the well preserved China and the platter that once belonged in my Mother's wedding set.
To get the pies rolling (yuk yuk) I take one of the Pillsbury Pie Crust dough packages out of the refrigerator. Most years I make my own dough, but not this year. It's just easier to let the package come to room temperature while I find my glass pie dishes and gather the spices and ingredients together.

I use the Pumpkin Pie recipe from the Libby's can as I have for many years. It is really as easy as pie. No joke.

Ease the crust into the dish leaving just enough around the rim to turn the crust under and make thumb prints around the outside edge with the dough.

This pie uses an unbaked crust so there's no need to prick the dough as you would for a custard or pudding pie. To protect the crust from turning too brown, cut a strip of aluminum foil and fold it around the edges before you fill the crust. It makes it easier to handle when you do that before filling the pan. I use one long piece that I cut lengthwise and fold into thirds. Then I join the two pieces of foil at one end and size it to the dish.

It works out alright even if you don't use the foil protection. The crust just comes out a bit darker because of the baking time.

Mix the sugar and spices in a large bowl, add the canned pumpkin, the evaporated milk and the eggs then pour it into the unbaked crust.

It's hard to carry the filled pie to the oven without spilling over the edges of the crust so I pour the ingredients in the dish on a counter near the oven.

When it first comes out of the oven it's puffy like this then settles down after it cools. Just take off the aluminum foil skirt and let it cool completely before you dig in.

Happy Thanksgiving All.

Pass the Cool Whip, please


  1. Oh Peggy...I am not a huge pumpkin pie fan but I sure would love to hang out with you and bang out some pies some day...beautiful job!
    Love, maria

    1. Maria. Wouldn't that be a day to remember? Reminds me of the scene from the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" where the girls have a food fight at the Whistle Stop Cafe. It is so funny. Idgy Threadgood and her friend in the kitchen. Come over soon.