Friday, November 2, 2012

New Neighbors

The foundation poured, construction started this week on the neighboring property that has been vacant until now. Though it looks as if it will be a two story, we're happy that the structure is a little further back from the road than our house which is about 700 feet in from the main road that fronts the property. We still have a good part of our view of the lake which has been nearly obscured over the years by the growth of the scrub cedars.

We're not too pleased that with 10 acres, they chose to build their house about 10 feet from the closest property line to our land. The fence in the picture is just the dog's yard. We own the property across the way over almost to where the new building is going up.

Cats in the Hood

This morning 'Tiny' the smallest feral cat that has shown up, greeted me as I went out with kibble and a small amount of milk and some chopped chicken liver. They are getting used to this special treatment and he even let me touch his back lightly today! Here's a close up of Tiny.

Ms. Kitty still won't let me get near her and she's the one I'm worried about since Jack has taken an interest in fighting with her. It's only a matter of time until a new litter comes along at this rate.

Jack is the old man of the group. He has battle scars on his head from many confrontations and he stands his ground when the dogs try to intimidate him. Yesterday he spent most of the afternoon lounging on the back porch, much to their distress.

Jack has a way of meowing that is more like throwing his voice out of the side of his mouth like a ventriloquist. Sort of a short choppy mewr. Really strange. He was on the front porch in the lawn chair waiting for me to bring the food out to his station before I took this shot.

Hungry Jack

Ms. Kitty

Tiny and Ms. Kitty waiting together for breakfast.


  1. Peggy,

    Have you met the neighbors yet? Hoping they are at least nice/ cool.

    Love your kitty report and pictures.

    Hugs, Maria

  2. Hi Maria,
    The man who bought the property came over early in June this year (2012) to ask if we minded him trimming some of the trees on the property line between us. I thought that was really considerate. Jim was still recovering from the surgery and lymphodema so the guy didn't come in.

    They started out with horse fencing and then put in a driveway, house foundation and etc.. We saw them celebrating outside on Thanksgiving with friends riding ATVs on their 10 acres. Thankfully they are not tresspassing like some have in the past. Neighbors are friendly here but most keep their distance.