Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life is Good

Another day to wake up to beautiful sunshine and 80 degrees outside. Looking over yesterday's efforts on the riding lawn mower I feel grateful that the mower is working again and I can keep up with it. The visiting kitty has been hanging out in the back yard and so the flea population has increased overnight. I've been spraying so much pesticide that it's a wonder I can breathe. Kitty was waiting for me on his little table by the garage today, anxious to receive his breakfast. My main question is why does he come into our fenced dog yard to do his business. It drives the dogs wild and Tony has decided to bring me the stuff that kitty leaves in the grass clippings. Yuck. No more dog kisses this morning!

I had the weirdest dream last night about the end of the world as we know it. Wow. It was amazingly realistic, peopled with folks I haven't seen in years and all sorts of drama. Jim and I were visiting a long time friend of mine of mine and her mother in a metropolitan city with tall brick buildings. We looked up through the plate glass window of the restaurant where we sat and saw two enormous "flying discs" headed toward earth. Everyone ran to the window and watched as an out of control flying saucer headed haphazardly toward the ground a few miles away. It crashed into the nearby neighborhood unleashing all kinds of chaos and destruction; there was panic, screaming, looting and fires everywhere. I watched the traffic en route on the highway as it plowed into the piles of stopped cars disengaged by the giant holes that had formed in the road.

Hubby and I ran to our rental car, a small maroon sedan where I found myself in the back seat as he drove swiftly away. I crawled into the front passenger's seat squeezing between the front seats, staring at the rubble of the road as it narrowed toward near impassibility. He told me to fasten my seat belt and he hit the gas. We zoomed past a gang of looters and winded up at the dead end where we went off roading to get away from the ...


  1. Hello Peg. That is quite a dream. Could easily pen out to a screenplay. The kitten seems to have become a permanent fixture. I seem to be featured off to the right of the screen. Thank you for that.

  2. Hello Mckbirdbks. It's like going to the movies when I sleep. There's always something going on in my dreams. If I don't write it down immediately when I wake up it's gone. This one stayed with me all day and since I penned the recap I can still see it.

    Nice of you to drop by this morning. Mar has spread the word about my blog - you both are featured here!

  3. "He told me to fasten my seatbelt and he hit the gas".

    With a glass of lemonade and free (no nickel needed for you ever, Sister)... "Lucy" translates that Jim is gonna protect his Peggy, even if it's as bad as the end of the world. Ahhhhh, how lovely...

    and your song choice is rockin'...REM (got it...hee-hee)

  4. It is so sweet and romantic like Mcjmusings but there's that troubling end of the dream . . . when I wake up ticked off at poor Jim who has no idea why I just hit him. Not really. But the dreams are so real.
    REM - of course you got it. You are so in tune (groan) with the music and lyrics. Speaking of which that is one of my very favorite movies with Drew Barrymore.