Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grandma's Birthday Dinner Celebration

Birthday celebrations in our family are generally celebrated at Mr. Wok's Asian Bistro. It wouldn't be the same if we went anywhere else. Friday night, in keeping with family tradition we dined at Jack's place.
General's Chicken, Broccoli, Steamed Rice and Egg Roll

Sunday, Mom will celebrate her birthday so of course we took her to Mr Wok's where we enjoyed yet another delicious meal. She had the Lemon Chicken which was served with a delicate sauce over a tender breaded chicken breast along side steamed broccoli and rice and an egg roll.

Aunt Louise, whose birthday we celebrated in April, ordered the sweet and sour chicken and it, too, was more than she could eat. Half of my egg foo young with shrimp went home with them. It's always so filling. Mom said the leftovers warmed up easily in the microwave oven for their dinner tonight.

Auntie Louise, Jim, Mom
Jim ventured away from his standard Lo Mein and ordered Chicken Fried Rice which disappeared from his plate rather quickly. We were the only guests in the restaurant since we showed up too early for the dinner rush and too late for the lunch crowd; you know, Early Bird dinner with 'the girls'.  We were fortunate before we finished that Jack came back from lunch in time to give a big hug to Ms. Cathe who really enjoyed the special attention. Then the whole restaurant crew sang happy birthday to her and she beamed with joy. As usual, a great time was had by all and we went home perfectly satisfied.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you.


  1. What makes me so happy as I am slowly going backwards to "hit" all of your blogs... is that now I have a good memory for 6-16...

    so, Happy Birthday Momma... another reason I love my Sista... she has her priorities perfectly in check! Hugs, Maria

  2. Hello Mcjmusings! And it is so difficult to keep up with everyone's blogs and hubs and all. I do really appreciate your going backwards to hit these old "musings". Hope to read more about you soon too.

    I will give Ms. Cathe your best wishes for her belated b-day. She would love to have another daughter to love. Hugs sista,