Monday, October 3, 2011

As The Tan Fades

Back from another year of sun and fun at the timeshare of a friend, who for over 23 years has shared her week at the beach with me. This year we couldn't have asked for better weather. It rained at her house in Tampa on Saturday, in fact, it was a frog strangler and more like a river running down her street. But just as soon as it came around, it went away and for the rest of the day the sunshine state kept its reputation intact. Once we made it across the bridge to the resort, it was smooth sailing and quite a day for it. Oh dear, my tan is already fading.

As for the Dallas weather, talk about an overnight change. Thirty days ago we had non stop 100 degrees everyday. In fact last Friday we hit 100 degrees again for a new record since 1953. This morning it was 53 degrees outside and wow, what a beautiful crisp and delightful change.

Yesterday was productive on HubPages for me. I released a short story I had been working on for some time. so that's done. I'm still finding errors and changes to make so it's a work in progress. Traffic seems to come and go there; different from the way it was for the first 18 months before the Google Panda update. Anyhow, this will all settle down and hopefully get back to being the site I remember.