Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Changing Prescription Medications

Have you been to the pharmacy lately with a new prescription or a refill? Our pharmacist has started offering "consultations" with each bottle of medicine I pick up recently. Is this something new? Maybe it's some HIPA regulation or what? I keep reminding them that the patients I pick up the pills for have been on the Rx for years. No surprises there.

When there is an actual change, the real kicker is the medicine dispensing employee who shouts "You'll have to talk to the pharmacist." in a loud annoying voice that gets me looks from the other people standing in line. Anyway, after trying out the new prescription for eXForge, things are going well and Mom's Blood Pressure readings have returned to the nearly normal range. (It's a combination of 5 MG Amlodipine and an additive to boost the effectiveness of the meds.) Still waiting to hear results of last week's blood work to monitor the potassium levels on the new drug. To be continued. . .


  1. Wal-Mart did the same thing to me. (Telling me how to take an antibiotic I take at least four times a year.)Have a great Sunday.

  2. By the way,I'm taking a break from hubpages. Back soon!