Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adventures of Cookie Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Cookie.
"Hi, Cookie," the others answer.

I first realized I had a drinking problem a few months ago. It seemed like I could never get enough to drink. That creates some major issues with making a lot of trips outside. When you're my age, those times can be difficult to predict.

July of this year I'll turn fifteen. The years have passed like a blur since that day when Uncle Denny scooped me up and took me home, rescuing me from a pack of street dogs in the neighborhood. 

The Day I Met Mom
Before that, I had to scrabble for my food, competing with dogs much bigger and stronger than I was at just a few months old. When he made the call to my future parents to find me a forever home, he told them I never barked. HAH! Boy, did I have him fooled.

My new Mom and Dad came to meet me and take me home the day after Thanksgiving. My other friends who lived with Uncle Denny were nice, like Nugget the Cat and Wiener the Basset Hound Retriever dog along with seven others who found their way there.

After sharing space with that crowd, I was hoping to be an only dog at the new place. It turned out I was the last of four dogs to be adopted, giving me my Borg name, Four of Four. I've earned quite a few nicknames over the years including my British name, Sure Barks A Lot and my Vampire name, The Queen of Barkness.

Buddy was a rescue dog, too, and he shared some of his best hunting techniques learned during the time he was on his own. Together we flushed out all the wild bunnies that ventured into our fenced yard. We were quite a team.

These days I can only dream of how it used to be when we would hunt together, my legs twitching as I sleep. Ah, those were good times.

Thirsty, oh, so thirsty.

Excuse me for a moment while I get some water.


  1. Delightful story Cookie is telling. He has been luck in his life to have found such wonderful parents. My adopted cat Sid thinks so too and sends Cookie sincere meows.

    1. Thank you, Rasma, for joining along here on the blog for this dog story and for taking time to leave such a nice message. Cookie sends her bark regards back to Sid.

  2. So sweet! It's a shame that our pets have to grow old. I'm glad he has had such a good life with you and his friends.

    1. Hi Sheila, Yes, they grow old much too soon. Thanks for coming by.